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We are a total communications company committed to create and strike brand value for our clients. Our vision is to expedite the budding of our client desire through great and innovative ideas.

We enrich your desire is the progressive theme and dedication to clients. We apply creative and progressive thinking to build brands, enrich desire. Quality is our top-most priority. There can absolutely be no exceptions.


    Best-in-class offerings for our clients
    To publish world class publications
    Affordable World-class Event Management
    Classic interior with creative individuals' initiatives
    Website Design, Domain Registration & Hosting
    Professional Development Training
    It is all about putting the youngsters pieces of dreams altogether

Our team

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." - Phil Jackson

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Ismail Chowdhury

Chairman & CEO

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A K Mitra Jishu

COO, Print & Design

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Sharafat Ali Shawkat

COO, Film & Media

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Md. Ali Hossain


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Ayesha Siddika Moon

Executive Editor, EYE

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Ashraf Aabir

Assistant Editor, EYE


Film is the trigger to inspire a sleeping nation. We are coming up with EYE which will love to gift you with the world of beautiful films. So stick with us and have a look on our EYE.

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Films for humanity, is the motto of Chittagong SHORT, a group of people working with creative and progressive thinking to uphold humanity. The journey of Chittagong SHORT started since 25 May 2015 along with some dreamers as a CSR project of NOKSHA.


Making films is yet another means of expression to reflect upon their perception of this world. For a membership interested one should provide voluntary service at least for 6 months. It's totally free of cost.

Chittagong SHORT

Film Festival


Chittagong SHORT thinks perfect motivation and inspiration could bring out the potentiality of the young filmmakers. For motivating the youngsters it will make everything possible. Your support and patronage would be appreciated.

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Being a total communications company means having best-in-class offerings in every discipline to deliver complete, competitive media neutral communications solutions for our clients

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